Communication Hire

Motorola CP040 UHF


Communication is key when organising any successful event. Even with today's exciting technology we know mobile phones can and do fail. We use professional Motorola CP040 radios ensuring you and your team have a reliable communication solution.

Day Hire


  • 1 Day Hire £20 per radio

  • 2 Day Hire £30 per radio











  • Weekend  Hire   x 6 radios   £99

  • Weekend  Hire   x 12 radios £149

  • Week Hire          x 12 radios £199












  • Earpieces

  • Speaker mics

  • Shoulder harness 











*We also offer voice procedure and user training free of charge if required 













  • UHF

  • 4 channels

  • 4 Watts

  • Channel free/busy monitor

  • Can be programmed to use with your current frequency